Selasa, 23 Mei 2017

Happy birthday sayang

Dear sayang..

Happy 25th birthday to you.. I'm wishing u all the best in what ever u do or wanna do. Then everything will be a suksesss at the end.. i'm praying to Allah.. may Him give u healthier..happinest..and Iman to lead me and baby to jannah.. I'm sorry cause cannot celebrate you important day with you. Cause i need to pantang at Rawang. I'm hoping that u'll be fine at your own in Penang.

Thank you Allah cause giving me such a honest and responsible husband to me. He never yell at me. Everytimes i'm crying, he will be there to give me a hug and makes me cool down. Everytime i stress.. i just need to text him, then he will advice and having a talk with me until i become happy and chill again.

Dear Husband..

I'm wonder how lucky am i to have u as my husband. The one i know who have short temper ending be someone so patient and understanding towards me. Everything that i want, u'll try to fullfill it even its not expensive as the thing in television. But it was soo meaningfull to me.. Dodoi me when i about to sleep. Being such a good campanion when i wanted to watch cartoon eventho i know u dosent like it. But u still sat and enjoying the movie with me. Thank you cause still stand right next to me even i am a pampered daughter to my mother..

Thank you cause giving me such a cute daughter to be my bestfriend to share a gossip and hobbies.. i love u sayang. From head to toe.. u might not be a perfect.. but thats all i want. Please continue to spoiled me with your loves until jannah..


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