Jumaat, 18 Februari 2011

entry to someone

todays gaonna be a boring day for me.. cause i'm really3 alone. as i know, he doesn't back from his class. i'm tired waiting for him.. oh my God. i always hope that today will not coming in my life. but, what can i. it was today. and its happen just now.
i'm bored ang tired to be waiting. tired to be scold. today, someone haved scold me for his bestfriend. i know he try to a good friend for him. i know all of that was my fault. but what can i do, he always there when i'm not around. for the cake. thanks but a of sorry that i wanna say. i'm sorry cause i'm was not the one who took the cakes. but my friend was. i was not around cause i'mout with my friend to ga to atm mechine. my friend need to take the money as soon as he can. i'm hope that will not be a big deal for me.
i didn't trying to make your heart broken. i just try to be normal as i can. but why can't you treat me as a sister and your friend. if you treat me like that, your felling will not be like this. you love me to much then your self. that is the one of the reason why you disappointed with my friend attitude. i think i've told you about my friend attitude. i thought you'll know about them. but, know you act like didn't know it. you show that you never like my friend. what the hell is this? is this right for me?? it was not right. and i'll not accept it.

that is the conclusion. and this is my decision.

sincerity of my heart
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