Khamis, 3 Februari 2011

hai.. morning to everyone..
now the clock are show, 12:45 am..

what a damn coz my eye still did'nt close.. emm.. it's to hard for me to have a sleep at night..
for this moment, i juz want to share something with you.. something that we called friend in our life.

i've got a lot of friend like all of you know. and they got a different type of behavior. some of them makes me feel comfortable with, but some are not. but i'm happy when we're together. all of them always thinking how to make me smile even we are crying. this what we called

for a hole entire of my life, i'm wish to never lose them!!. they are the best and no one will replace their place in my heart. i miss them so fucking damn much. i hoping that the percious time will recur. but the situation now was different.. we are going to grow. to be a responsible person to continue our life(future is the main damn thing). and no one will become *tototo childish. what a boring time will be.

now its the time to continue our study for a higher level. some are in politeknik, some are in matriculation, also university but not forgotten they who in college n form 6. everyone in their own department with their own ambitions. but we are still contact to each other. no matter what,.. they are something will make use become closer. maybe with using an email or in sosial networking. we will know how the condition of our friend.

now i miss them so much. many friend are come and out in our life. but remember, no friends are go with ask to forgotten, but to memorise.. because the best damn thing for our journey to remeber is the percious time with our beloved friend. no matter how hate us to him/her, when we remeber it oneday. it will become the *bestier memory thet u never have.

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