Khamis, 17 Februari 2011

about what i'm felling

to day i'm was so sad. how could she do like this to me. i dont know the reason why she treat me like this. what i've done to her. she really really makes me feel sucks!! what a damn for her.. i just want you to know that i'm really really disappointed with her. she makes me really really feel jerk towards her. i've dont know what i've to say anymore.
i know she's crying last night. but i'm not the one that you really really need to story the reason why that happen. you must remember this. i'm not the one that you choose to be your bestfriend, so stop pretending like i was. it's make me feel so sad and heartbroken. when i'm suck, i never told to anybody and i still can survive on it. but you were different. you told to everyone that i'm the one who not took care of you. why i was the one that you want to blame it off..
i know you are gold in your family. and they have a good care of you. but it doesn't mean that all of you friend will do the same thing to you. i'm hate to pretending like this for a whole semester.
i'm also having a life that i must to continue. i just want you to know, that i'm not the one who will always with you. but i want you to know that i'm just only and will always beside you when ever you need me. sorry for all that i,ve dune to you. but it was useless to telling all of this. because you never have a heart to understand it.
i'll not blaming you for all of suck that happen. but i hope you will realize it oneday. everyone around you always do things for you, but you're not do the same things to them.

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anakmuda berkata...

i need a feedback!!! what i,m gonna do to her!!

pija halim berkata...

babe, die just nak duet sewa je. sbb tu kodd die marah kau. ape kate, kau just face to face and slow talk dgn dia. okay?

anakmuda berkata...

dah cakap kot lambat sikit.. gaji papa tak msok lagi.. kalou ya un, takkan nak kena makimaki dekat fb cam tuh.. ???